28 October 2011

Raymond Caruana's murder and Julia's family?

Julia Farrugia and her legal sidekick Toni Abela, the PL deputy leader, are alleging that I committed an act of "character assassination" on her by writing the following two sentences on this blog:

"Maybe for an encore Julia Farrugia will now show us a video in which Raymond Caruana is being shot twice in the PN's Gudja club ... Julia Farrugia should try to find videos or photos of the murder of Raymond Caruana. She might recognise someone she knows".

Exactly how does this amount to character assassination? Julia Farrugia and Toni Abela give a jaw-dropping answer. Because these two sentences amount  to " ... kongetturi u ghidut fuq il-membri tal-familja taghha" (conjectures and rumours about members of her family).

Did you see words like father, uncle, grandma, maternal second cousin twice removed in my two sentences? Nope.

I did not mention any of Julia Farrugia's 'membri tal-familja' in the context of Raymond Caruana's political murder. It was Julia Farrugia and her political sidekick who did. Now. And as far as I know for the first time ever. 

I wonder, really wonder, why.


Peter Pan said...

taking the term "digging one's own grave" to new gigantic proportions!

if you had to look up "incompetence" in the dictionary, you'll find a photo of Toni Abela as the description.

Antoine Vella said...

Maybe it has something to do with skeletons and cupboards.

Very apt for Halloween.

IL-BULLIBIF! said...

imma kemm jifilhu jkunu injoranti... u jridu jmexxu 'l pajjiz?

Matt said...

Probabilment ax Daphne semmiet xi haga fuq il-blog taghha u ghal Julia int u Daphne l-istess haga

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you don't need to wonder why, you know exactly why.

It's true that you haven't specifically mentioned "family members", but let's be honest, your "she may see someone she'd recognise" implies a lot and you know it. It's the exact purpose why you said what you said.

This, in view of the numerous 'Il-Botom' this and 'Il-Botom' that in other prominent media.

-- John Holmes --

Alfred said...

Lou, we are nearing Halloween and probably some people are afraid of skeletons

Anonymous said...

Well...i think Lou you should ask Eddie Fenech Adami...after all he boastedthat he knew who shot Raymond Caruana and who killed Karen Grech and that he would reveal everything after 1987 elections!

silvio said...

Lou if I were you I would watch it,you are walking on very thin ice, Insinuations are sometimes as bad as telling the truth.
This of course is my very humble opinion.

One of your bloggers thinks that Toni Abela is "incompetent" I can assure him he is anything but.
Never underestimate your opponents.

Cikku said...


Why does Julia panic whenever the murder of Raymond Caruana is mentioned? Why? I also wonder?

Antoine Vella said...

@ John Holmes,

So what if Julia Farrugia were to recognise someone in a hypothetical photo? How does that assassinate her character?

It's a very unwise move on her part because if this case ever comes to court, all the things she'd rather hide would come under the spotlight and be talked about by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Over the years, MLP in government fomented hatred towards people who did not vote for them. In the archives there are many videos that confirms this. The death of Raymond Caruana was the result of the hatred spewed by the MLP over the years.

As far as I am concerned the family of Raymond Caruana should open a criminal law suit in the international court against the MLP as they were directly linked and responsible for abetting his death.
A criminal lawyer ought to look into this and the family of Raymond Caruana should pursue this in court. There are many legal precedents similar to this case.

Perhaps Franco Debono should channel his energy for this worthy cause, rather being consumed with Arriva

.... said...

Lou, when would you write something that makes sense?

Anonymous said...


Matt said...

@Anonymous: Regarding your case suggestion of putting such a case in front of the international court - one can tell that you are neither a lawyer nor are very intelligent or have any idea how things in real life work. Quit playing FantaPN and come back to real life please.

Bullybeef and Chips said...

Guess who Robert Musumeci's next TALK guest this week will be?

No prizes awarded for the right answer.