29 August 2011

Tonight: Bondiplus on Super One. No, really.

My moles tell me that Bondiplus will be featured on Super One news tonight.

Tonight they will say that in the new TVM season the programme will feature twice a week (true) and that this year it has been repeatedly found guilty of breaking the law (not true).

They will also add I should be locked up at Kordin and forced to listen to a looped tape of Justin Beiber songs all day long (for the peasants: its a joke).

The PL's pathological obsession with my programmes has been full on for decades now and is becoming more acute with each passing year. I honestly do not understand it.

Bondiplus is a programme which runs for just an hour or so a week with just Rachel, myself and a microphone. That's it.

The PL on the other hand, employs over sixty people in its media, strategy and propaganda sections alone. There's Super One TV and radio pumping away 24/7, the Maltastar site, the weekly paper KullHadd as well as the daily l-Orizzont and weekly Torca which are in effect PL papers as well. And most importantly I have to obey the stringent Broadcasting law while none of the PL media do because the Broadcasting Authority has decided that party stations can be as unbalanced as they like.

So honestly, why is the PL obsessed with Bondiplus?


avb said...

Surprise! Its on the Maltatoday news portal

Anonymous said...

And you forgot to mention tasteyourownmedicine.com

Graziella said...

Ghaziz Lou Bondi,

Nispera li f'din il Blog ma taqghax biex tattakka lin nies personali ghax tigi mil l-ewwel skreditat bhal l-blogger l-ohra. Inti tgawdi rispett minn hafna nies imma milli qeghda nara qieghed titlef il popolarita bil kuljum min meta bdejt l-attakk sfrenatat fuq il hajja personali tal individwi. Jiena ntik parir biex tkun newtrali u ma tattakax il hadd personali!

Ing.Lupp.Mann.Fildiputt said...


which other blogger?

Common Sense said...

Do you really think Lou, that the people are THAT gullible?

It beats me how you can possibly think that by mentioning ONE and KullHadd you will justify your biased programmes on TVM.

It would take an idiot and a half to accuse NET tv or in-Nazzjon of being biased in favour of PN, and of course the same applies to the Labour media.

Earth to Lou: You're presenting on Television MALTA, a national channel, and not on Television PN!

BondiBlog said...

@ Common Sense, I do not think that people are gullible at all. In fact I think the opposite. They know who is serious and who is selling them propaganda. That is why Bondiplus has an audience of 100,000 a week.